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Choosing from the premier destinations that Time & Place has to offer can be a challenge and even when you narrow down the location of your next memorable trip, how do you decide between cities that are mere miles from each other? Heres our guide to selecting between the incredible Time & Place locations in Southern California.

* Hollywood Hills: If youre in it for the action, Hollywood Hills is the place for you. With endless opportunities for concerts, events, and the constant alluring buzz of the entertainment industry, theres never a dull moment in these hills. Tucked into the Santa Monica mountainside, homes in the Hollywood Hills are known for their brilliant views of Los Angeles and further out to the Pacific Ocean on clear days. Those that appreciate the outdoors may find themselves more at home here in the Hollywood hills with activities like hiking and outdoor yoga classes at nearby Runyon Canyon. You likely wont need to hold your breath if youre hoping to see a celebrity or 2 during your stay, especially if you venture out to one of the rugged canyon parks. The nightlife in this area is a definite perk and the selection of bars and clubs along Sunset Boulevard will provide night after night of fun-filled adventure.
Dont Miss: A moonlit horse ride with an unforgettable view of the Hollywood sign and the sparkling city lights below.

* Beverly Hills: Were all familiar with the famous zip code assigned to Beverly Hills , as well as the chic and elegant attitude associated with it. Beverly Hills has long been known for its affluent residents and the exclusivity that surrounds this 6-square mile city, but how do you know if its right for you? If you would enjoy a carefully curated selection of restaurants and boutiques without any sort of industrial building or unsightly blemish on the dreamy southern California horizon, then Beverly Hills is where you should be. With famed Rodeo Drive and the equally posh Golden Triangle area, Beverly Hills offers an unparalleled shopping experience. So if you happen to count shopping as a favorite pastime, youll want to consider this neighborhood for your next California vacation. Whats another perk to hiding out in these hills instead of the ones further north? The privacy afforded by this fashionable area is unmatched and the larger plots of land that these exquisite homes occupy lends itself to the feeling that you are somewhere far from the city, when in fact, you are just minutes away. Beverly Hills caters to those who wish their posh getaway to be served with a bit more exclusivity and quiet than the Hollywood Hills have to offer.
Dont Miss: With a wealth of spectacular shopping at your disposal, a shopping consultant can assist you in making the most of the high concentration of chic designer boutiques along Rodeo Drive and in the Golden Triangle.

* Laguna Beach: Searching for something a little more relaxed and dare we say, down to earth? Laguna Beach has all the sparkle of its glamorous sister cities to the north, but the beachfront community is more mellow and easygoing. The dining options and other southern California amenities are still rampant, but Lagunas artist culture and laidback vibe make all the difference. Outdoor enthusiasts will certainly appreciate the snorkeling, swimming, hiking, and biking that the town has to offer and those that enjoy fine arts will revel in the arts community. If sunsets on the beach and the ambiance of a village as opposed to a flashy city appeal to you, then venture further south and experience the beach town life, all while being close to the hustle and bustle of the city.
Dont Miss: Numerous festivals occur annually and are a great way to experience life as a Laguna local!

Whichever you choose, the luxury vacation rentals from Time & Place provide a relaxing and indulgent home away from home as you explore different areas and create unforgettable memories.

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