Punta Mita is an outdoor lovers paradise. With the ocean encircling nearly the entire village, there is no end to the many aquatic activities you can enjoy on your next Time & Place vacation. With mild and warm weather year round, Punta Mita is a rare destination that offers opportunities to achieve whatever it is you wish to achieve during your getaway, be it complete relaxation or thrilling adventure.

For me, Punta Mita is all about the ocean. How can it not be when we are surrounded by 9 and a half miles of coast? If relaxation is your goal, there’s nothing like a massage on the beach or lounging under an umbrella as you watch the waves roll in. If youre looking to try something new out in the big blue, there’s no shortage of excitement to be had. In the summer months its best to grab a board and hit the waves. If you’re a newbie to the sport of surfing, there are many excellent surfing instructors that would love to get you up and riding the waves! In my experience, a family surf lesson is a great way to reconnect with the kids and theyll love the memories of hanging ten with mom and dad! If surfing isnt your scene, try a paddle board. This newest craze is a fun way to be on the water, without the fear of a total wipeout.

In the winter and early spring months, youll want to charter a boat so you can catch one of the most amazing sights on earth. Humpback whales come to the waters off Punta Mita to both breed and birth calves. Males show off to potential mates by leaping high into the air and coming down with a tremendous splash. Many boats are equipped with special speakers that allow you to listen to their beautifully eerie songs, adding a unique dimension to your whale watching excursion.

Another favorite pastime in Punta Mita is spear fishing. The number and quality of fish in both the shallows and in deeper waters create excellent conditions to try out a new way of catching dinner. During the winter and spring, be on the lookout for grouper and snapper, and in the summer, mahi mahi is on the menu! Bring your catch ashore for dinner that night, or it can be shipped home for you so you can bring the fruits of your labor (and the stories of your spear fishing adventure) home to your friends and family.

Come play in Punta Mita with Time and Place!

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