And you thought YOUR Mother-in-law was tough to please! You know Cupid, the cherub-esque, winged, mini-God and promoter of all things love? In Roman myth, his mother, Venus was so jealous of his mortal girlfriend, Psyche that she put the girl through hell literally. Venus sent Psyche down to Hades on an errand she knew would kill her(!). Poor Psyche had all but expired by the time Cupid swooped in to save her. But in the end, Psyches blind devotion to her beau and gratuitous attempts to, please Mom, won her a one-way ticket to immortality.

Cupids signature day, St. Valentines, should be full of Cupidian heroics and free of family drama especially if you and your special someone are spending it in Paris . Of course, its your Paris concierge who is tasked with the Olympic job of curating the perfect French Valentines Day. There will be the requisite roses; chocolate-kissed strawberries, and a culinary feast at one of the citys finest restaurants. But the exceptional concierge seeking ultra-luxury immortality will be thinking, What else? How can I make this Paris Valentines the stuff of lore? An epic romantic experience of the real Paris?

Thats where Time & Place comes in.

Heres a sampling of five hand-picked experiences we can arrange to make your Paris Valentine a memory second only to the day you felt the sweet sting of Cupids arrow:

A Private Tour of the Louvre: Surround yourself with the resident lovers at the Louvrejust you and your one and only. Get up close and personal with Davids vision of Napoleon crowning his amour vrai, Josephine. Be with the queen of romance herself, the Venus de Milo. An art historian (the only other person there) will relate to you the passions of masters and their muses: Rodin and Camille Claudel, Rubens and his Helene dressed in nothing but a fur, Botticelli and Simonetta, his golden-haired Aphrodite. And of course, Cupid kissing his beautiful Psyche awake.

A Romantic Cruise on the Seine: Nestled up in your own private water limousine, watch the monuments of Paris glide by: Notre Dame, the Louvre with I. M. Peis magnificent glass pyramid in front, and the Eiffel Tower. Toast each other and the city with chilled champagne and Laduree Macaroons . Lie back and gaze through the moon-roof. See how starlight makes everything look just like those romantic photos by Cartier-Bresson .

Explore the Jewelry Universe: Diamonds are a girls best friendbut so are rubies, emeralds and sapphires! And the historic Mauboussin on the Champs lyses, a luxe jewelry palace in the Japanese style, is a must-stop destination for the girl who wants everything. Upstairs, have a goter, complete with a cup of some divine chocolate. Downstairs are the real goodies: Five strands of pav diamonds, creating a river of light for her wrist. For him, how about a hand-crafted chronograph, all in gold? Imagine how theyll glitter later as you walk hand-in-hand to Montparnasse.

Sensual Chocolate-Tasting: Heart-shaped cardboard boxes? Not so much in Paris. Not when we have the Maison du Chocolat and its intensive, personalized workshops to experience instead. The matre, steeped in the history of cacao, shares the sensuous world of handmade chocolate with you. Flavors and tastes that pair so well with tea, wine and (of course) love. Learn to make your own chocolates, ganache and truffles, or to make pain au chocolat like the famous Boulangeries do in the city.

M. Faure-Brac Exclusive Wine Tasting: For your evening, I have 1 word: wine. And who better to guide you through his personal cellar, his own distinct aesthetic, than world-renowned sommelier, M. Faure-Brac? His cellar is in our network of wine caves, one of the most exclusive addresses in all of Paris, for those in-the-know (like you). Once there, youll spend 3 hours tapping bottles, developing your nose and drinking some of the best vintages chosen by one of the worlds foremost wine experts.

Custom-Tailored Cooking Class: No romantic tour of Paris would be truly French without an epicurean experience. French food makes everything after dinner that much richer. And the best possible way to experience real Parisian cooking? How about in your own mansion, in the Trocadro with its beautiful fountains and water gardens, with a world-famous chef, hand-picked just for you? He can teach you and your muse the French culinary arts right there in the garden, under a white pavilion tent, at a table set with silver and fine china. Enjoy the one-of-a-kind meal your chef has prepared just for your taste buds. Your only companions? The silver-lit Eiffel Tower and a little moonlight. Bon Appetit, never sounded so sweet!

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