/ in Paris

I still remember the first and only trip I took alone with my father, on an overnight train from Washington, D.C. to Chicago. Theres nothing like exploring new worlds and cultures with people you love.

Later, as an international lawyer, I traveled extensively with my own family. After one too many breakfasts in a haute Parisian restaurant where my children barely nibbled at a croissant and the tab exceeded $100, I realized that for frequent travelers with or without children in tow, its essential to have some of the comforts of home. In order to bring the beauty of the ordinary life to extraordinary settings, I wanted the services and security of a five-star luxury hotel in a private vacation home.

Capable hotel concierges might snatch a seat at a hot restaurant or arrange car-service, but they are unlikely to plan meaningful journeys personalized for you and your family. Time & Place preserves the best of the concierge luxury hotel experience — but improves upon it with personalized, imaginative planning in distinctive properties. Our luxury vacation homes are remarkable architecturally significant, owned by or frequented by celebrities, historical and unique.

As the founder and President of Time & Place, my abiding goal is to create those lasting memories that will keep guests coming back for years.

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