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If youre in the mood for some sophisticated adult entertainment, avoid the unabashedly touristy and gaudy Moulin Rouge, and instead head for the Crazy Horse cabaret. Explore your racy side at the most avant-garde of all the Paris cabarets> This “temple to sublime womanhood” is the most famous of all Paris nightspots, and is, reportedly, Madonnas favorite. Opened in 1951, Le Crazy Horse has become an essential element of the city’s culture.

For something a little less risqu, catch a movie at La Pagode; this Chinese-style pagoda was shipped to France, piece by piece, in 1895 by Monsieur Morin (the then proprietor of Le Bon March), who had it rebuilt in his garden on rue de Babylone as a love present for his wife. (Clearly, she wasnt very impressed, as she left him a year later.) But you will be, as are the Parisian cinphiles who flock here for its eclectic program. La Pagode has been a fantastic, atmospheric cinema since 1931. Be sure to take a moment or two in its bamboo-enshrined garden.

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