It’s the most important day of your life. Youre taking the ultimate proverbial plunge. You’re betrothing your life partner and committing to the happily ever after, after all. Plus, like a growing number of nuptial-minded twosomes, you’ve opted for a destination wedding. And not just any place, but a Best-in-Class destination to provide that personal signature on your sacred ceremony. Maybe you imagine yourselves near the snowy slopes of Vail or perhaps Maui’s sun-lapped shores? Paris is always a favorite for the romantics, and late summer in Nantucket is the stuff of fairy tales, right? But once you’ve picked your preferred hitching haven far from home, the next thing you’ll need is a crash-pad. Preferably, an ultra-luxury one!

You thought you’d left behind the concept of crash-pads back when you and a couple sisters slept on the squeaky-springed sorority house couch. But the term crash-pad actually comes to us from the world of jet travel. It’s what airlines provide pilots and attendants between long flights. A place to rest, freshen up and chill out before the next boarding call.

Take this idea to the next level. Imagine a home base away from home to manage and enjoy the storybook wedding of a lifetime. It wont be the place you’re actually getting married mind you, but a welcome retreat from the hustle and bustle leading up to the big day. An ultra-luxury crash-pad in a destination that best expresses your unique sensibility and style. An exotic, starchitect-designed villa. With a pool and a concierge. And a chefs kitchen, where an actual celebrity chef can come and personally cook up the rehearsal dinner of your dreams. Grand enough to welcome your wedding party for cocktails, but intimate enough for just the two of you to enjoy after you’ve exchanged vows.

The personal, ultra-luxury crash-pad/crash-villa is the ultimate wedding gift to yourself. It’s a means to seizing those unforeseen moments that create lifelong memories. Like drinking champagne with your bridesmaids until sunrise. Huddling with guests after twilight to share stories over that last snifter of Armagnac ah, the delights of the South of France. Let’s face it, cramped hotel rooms or a busy, impersonal hotel lounge or lobby just doesn’t lend itself to that kind of intimate experience.

Once considered the tropical cousin of elopement, destination weddings have now become the choice for trendsetters looking for a matrimonial experience above and beyond the ordinary. But the ultra-luxury crash-pad is the real secret to connubial bliss abroad.

Game, set and match made in heaven.

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