St. Barts, the gem of the Caribbean Sea is located just east of the Dominican Republic and south of Anguilla, is famous for its beautiful views and popularity with jet-setters, now more than ever, St. Barthelemy is becoming the hottest destination in the world. Formally part of Guadeloupe, this French collective voted for secession in 2003, to form a separate overseas collective of France. Although the island is small, St. Barts is home to over 100 luxury restaurants, most of those coming directly on the water, giving the customer not only great cuisine, but also amazing views to couple the experience. Here is our St. Barts restaurant guide for some of the most memorable eats on this one-of-a-kind island locale:

Le Tamarin

Situated in a small, lush garden, Le Tamarin is the ultimate St. Barts restaurant experience. Recently renovated, Le Tamarin is your destination for fresh seafood and amazing service. Drawing clientele from across the globe, this restaurant located in Grande Saline, offers the best of St. Barts cuisine for both lunch and dinner. Because of its popular demand in the area, reservations are highly recommended before your visit, please contact your Time & Place Concierge for more reservation assistnace.


Because of its expansive history with the European continent, St. Barts is home to numerous authentic European restaurants. One of the most popular European influenced restaurants in the area, L’Isola is an Italian eatery featuring a beautiful dining room with even better service. For families, or just for two, L’Isola is the perfect destination to sit back and take in the sounds and tastes of the sea. Like many of the most popular restaurants on the island, reservations are recommended before your visit.


The most obvious attraction of the island is the miles of coastline that meets the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. With that said, a great little restaurant located directly on the water is something all visitors must do! Approaching O’Corail the restaurant looks like a beach bar, but behind the scenes there is a professional cook ready to knock your sandals off. Located directly on the water, O’Corail offers the freshest ingredients and best view in town.

Travelling to St. Barts is sure to be special, with an island so naturally beautiful and so popular with the rich and famous, a week in St. Barths is a week in paradise. Although I have only outlined three restaurants on the small island, even without a guide, finding amazing food is not hard on St. Barts. So instead of being inside trying to avoid the heat this summer, book a trip to St. Barts today, and tomorrow you could be sipping champagne on St. Barts.

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