Los Cabos is probably my favorite travel destination by far. It’s the perfect locale for a luxury vacation escape.

I’ve been to Los Cabos twice now and can’t wait to go back.

Our first experience in Los Cabos was on a Mexican cruise with my family a few years back. Our cruise ship made stops in Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan. After spending the day in Los Cabos, we fell in love with this place and couldn’t wait to return for a longer stay.

I Left My Heart in Los Cabos

Local sea lions enjoying the Cabo sunshine

Fast forward 2 years and we were finally able to go back to Los Cabos for a week-long vacation. This time around, we opted to stay in a luxury all-inclusive resort. I found that we spent a lot of our time outside of the resort, partly because we were off exploring this beautiful paradise, and partly to get away from the large crowds of people at the hotel.

My personal preference for the next time we head to Los Cabos will be to rent a private vacation home.

Here’s an overview of some of the Los Cabos activities that we got up to:

During our first visit, we spent a bit of time at a bar called D’Right Joint. This was hands down our favorite place. The bar had such a fun, laid-back atmosphere and we made friends with some of the local workers fairy quickly. One of the locals we met actually works outside of the bar selling tours to Lover’s Beach, jet ski rentals, and boat tours. We rented jet skis from him, and had such a blast zipping around the marina area.

Now 2 years later, we land in Los Cabos and the first place we went to was D’Right Joint. We had such a blast the first time we were there, and were looking forward to visiting again. The best part about revisiting D’Right Joint again was when we found our friend Hiram standing outside D’Right Joint selling jet ski rentals to tourists. He recognized us right away. My husband is almost 7 feet tall and very funny; a hard person to forget. Hiram joined us in the restaurant for a bit, then reserved some jet skis for us for the afternoon.

We ventured out in the water on our jet skis for the afternoon, and then headed back to the marina for some dinner.

I Left My Heart in Los Cabos

Sea kayak near Lover’s Beach

The following day, we rented sea kayaks and spent an afternoon floating around the marina area. We made our way over to Lover’s Beach and we were able to dock our kayaks on the beach to walk around. This was a busy little beach, but well worth the trip. There are many tour operators that sell different packages to Lover’s Beach. I personally enjoyed our adventure over in the sea kayaks.

Travel tip: bring a waterproof camera with you so you can take pictures while on the beach.

I Left My Heart in Los Cabos

The Marina at Puerto Los Cabos


The majority of our vacation was spent exploring the local pubs, laying by the pool at our hotel or out in the marina area on adventures.

While walking around the marina one day, we stumbled across a huge market that catered to tourists. This is a great place to find Mexican trinkets to bring home. We purchased a few bottles of Mexican vanilla and some souvenirs.

I Left My Heart in Los Cabos

A sea lion with its catch of the day

At the end of the marina, near Senior Frogs, we came across a place where they chop up fish. Many tourists spend the day fishing, and their catch of the day gets cut up here. This of course draws in a large group of pelicans, and there was even a sea lion swimming in the water waiting for scraps. If you’re in the marina area, make your way over to the fish cutting station one afternoon because this is a site worth seeing.

Where to book your tours:

The hotel we stayed in offered many tours around the Los Cabos area. There’s also a ton of tour operators around the marina area selling various day packages. We spent a bit of time walking around the marina talking with different tour operators about the different packages they offers and what their price point was.

We ended up going back to the same guy that we booked our jet skis with. He was very helpful at booking the different excursions for us, and offered a reasonable price for each excursion we went on.

Editors Note: When you stay with Time & Place our local concierge can connect you with unique experiences and people like Michelle and her husband experienced. 

Where to stay in Los Cabos:

Although an all-inclusive resort is an easy choice when booking a vacation, I personally found we spent a lot of time outside of the resort.

Cielos 80

I recommend staying at either Cielos 73 or Cielos 80. Both are beautiful luxury vacation rental homes with stunning infinity pools, private outdoor terraces, and the Time & Place Concierge can provide the same convenience of an all-inclusive resort. This is a great way to spend a luxury vacation.

Contact the experts at Time & Place to start planning your next real-life luxury escape.


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