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The 20 arrondissements of Paris unfurl in a clockwise spiral, revealing a particular personality and style as each new neighborhood unveils itself. Navigating the arrondissements can be a bit tricky if you’re not a frequent visitor to the City of Light, but Time & Place makes it easy to familiarize yourself with what each arrondissement has to offer. Use this guide to plan your daily itinerary or to discover which Time & Place luxury vacation rental is the perfect fit for you. With properties throughout Paris and in 13 arrondissements, Time & Place offers a match for all different types of travelers.

* 1st Arrondissement: The literal heart of Paris, the 1st is located in the center of the city. With attractions like the Louvre, the Tuileries, and Palais-Royal, you can expect this to be a popular stop for tourists, but the bustling streets and crowded sidewalk cafes are part of the charm.

Don’t Miss: The iconic Eiffel Tower view with the Seine in the foreground.

* 2nd Arrondissement: The smallest district in Paris, the 2nd offers splendid shopping and cozy cafes. The stock exchange is located here, as well as several newspaper headquarters and textile factories. The size of the 2nd easily allows for it to be explored on foot.
Don’t Miss: The Rue Montorgueil is a pedestrian-only street lined with open-air produce carts, cafes, and bars. This boulevard is a true delight for the senses.

* 3rd Arrondissement: One half of le Marais district, the 3rd is known for its numerous museums, as well as the elegant and timeless architecture that has been well preserved. This is the quieter part of le Marais and is possibly the most desirable arrondissement to live in. The open air markets, including the oldest food market in Paris: Marchs des Enfants-Rouges (The Market of the Red Children), provide a wonderful opportunity to wander among locals and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere, and not to mention, the amazing food.
Don’t Miss: The Picasso Museum!

* 4th Arrondissement: With beautifully restored elements of medieval Paris, the other half of le Marais is home to landmarks like the Notre Dame and the Bastille. The trendy neighborhood also has a lively bar scene and fantastic shopping from both designer boutiques and hip vintage stores.
Don’t Miss: TheĀ Ile Saint Louis, a quiet sanctuary in the midst of bustling Paris. Some of the city’s best ice cream is on the island as well!

* 5th Arrondissement: One of the most popular districts is the 5th, also known as the Latin Quarter. Due to the large number of educational institutions (like the Sorbonne), you’ll find this area brimming with students. You’ll also find the Pantheon, a must-see if you’d like to see the final resting place of many of France’s finest writers, philosophers, and revolutionaries.
Don’t Miss: The Paris Botanical Gardens with over 10,000 plant and flower varieties, as well as a small zoo.

* 6th Arrondissement: This district has a bit of everything and epitomizes all that the Left Bank is known for. From the lush parks and art scene, to the cafes and bars buzzing with customers and the fabulous shopping, the 6th offers a true Parisian experience within the borders of this neighborhood. While you won’t want to spend all of your time in the 6th, if you only had 1 afternoon to experience Paris, the 6th would be the ideal place to spend it.
Don’t Miss: The Luxembourg Gardens, of course!

* 7th Arrondissement: This high end neighborhood is the location of the Eiffel Tower as well as many government buildings and the residences of couture designers and Paris’ creme de la creme. Also the site of many museums, including Musee dOrsay and Musee Rodin, the 7th is a great place to start if cultural highlights are on your must-see list.
Don’t Miss: History buffs will want to visit Napoleon’s tomb located in Leglise du Dome and shopping enthusiasts may want to check out one of Paris oldest and largest department stores, Le Bon Marche.

* 8th Arrondissement: With the Champs Elysees located in the 8th, you will want to put this district on your itinerary if sightseeing is your goal. With the l’Arc de Triomphe at one end and the Place de la Concorde on the other, the avenue is iconic Paris and postcard perfect both day and night.
Don’t Miss: Paris is full of centuries-old art and architecture, but if you wish to see some contemporary art, visit Jerome de Noirmont for a peek at artists on the rise and those who have already established their place in this part of the art world.

* 9th Arrondissement: Otherwise known as the Opera District, due to the Opera Garnier located here, the 9th is a shopper’s dream. With several large department stores on the impressive Boulevard Haussmann, strolling through the 9th will provide ardent fashionistas plenty of opportunities to collect items from stores only found overseas.
Don’t Miss: Share a picnic with delightful treats in one of the many squares along the boulevard or explore one of the elaborately decorated 200 year old passageways that are filled with bars, cafes, and tiny boutiques.

* 11th Arrondissement: The 11th is home to an edgy club and bar scene in the so-called Oberkampf area. Known for drawing an urban crowd of musicians and artists, this is a Paris that most tourists dont have a chance to see. During the day, pop into quirky shops and dine in unpretentious, yet divine restaurants.
Don’t Miss: If getting off the beaten path is your thing, be sure to visit the Edith Piaf museum.

* 14th Arrondissement: The Montparnasse district is a little more quiet than other areas, but don’t mistake that for boring. The 14th was once known for its population of writers and troublemakers (we’re looking at you, Hemingway), this district has no shortage of things to do and see. Tour the famed Catacombs or the Montparnasse Cemetery for an interesting look at the history of Paris famous residents.
Don’t Miss: Families and nature lovers alike will love the Parc Montsouris with its playgrounds, waterfalls, and sculptures found throughout this oasis in the city.

* 16th Arrondissement: Offering spectacular views of the Eiffel tower from various vantage points, this exclusive neighborhood is also home to an impressive number of museums, including the Muse Marmottan that houses the largest collection of work by Monet and many other famed Impressionists. The expansive Bois de Boulogne is located on the west side of this arrondissement and even Central Park fanatics will be in awe of its sheer size and elaborate gardens. While the park is perfectly safe, we recommend visiting during daylight hours as certain (red-light related) deeds occur when darkness falls.
Don’t Miss: Sports fans will appreciate the many spectator sports on hand. The French Open is hosted here and there are several soccer and rugby stadiums as well. Families with art-minded children will adore the Musee en Herbe, a museum designed especially for youngsters.

* 17th Arrondissement: If your dream is to live like a local, the 17th might very well be the place for you to test out your ability to live the Parisian life. With little in the way of museums and tourist attractions, this district offers gorgeous architecture, an up-and-coming vibe and a realistic look at how the citizens of Paris live.
Don’t Miss: Parc Monceau is an under the radar park that was a favorite subject of Monet. Enjoy the lush, informal design (a contradiction to most of the elaborate parks in Paris) and be on the lookout for surprising architectural elements.

There you have it! An insider’s look at each arrondissement where Time & Place has luxury vacation rentals. And even though you have this exclusive guide to help you, dont forget that the concierges are available to assist you to further enhance your visit to Paris, making it a memorable trip, indeed!

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