When you travel to a famous city more than once or twice, you become aware and enamored with the nuances that certain neighborhoods and districts offer. Certain arrondissements in Paris steal your heart and different boroughs of New York City sweep you off your feet. But when you visit a destination that’s a little off the beaten path, it’s hard to know where to go. We’re taking the guesswork out of our newest destination, Punta del Este, to help you find a piece of Uruguay that speaks to your soul and keeps you coming back again and again. Here’s our take on 3 different areas of this gorgeous coastal hotspot:

  • Jose Ignacio: Once a sleepy fishing village, Jose Ignacio has become a beacon of style and resort beach life for jetsetters. Several beaches offer experiences that range from a see-and-be-seen atmosphere to a quieter, laid back surf scene. The culinary offerings have greatly improved if your idea of a day at the beach isn’t complete without cocktails at sunset and an unforgettable meal.
  • La Barra: Definitely the trendiest area of Punta, La Barra is bustling with shoppers (both of the boutique and flea market variety) by day and those seeking the electrifying club scene by night. The beaches here are just as appealing as those of Jose Ignacio, especially Bikini Beach with its population of tanned and toned sun worshippers. Even if you had a peaceful getaway in mind, a night in La Barra is an absolute must to get a true idea of Punta’s allure.
  • Manantiales: Quieter but not lacking in gorgeous scenery or beach life, Manantiales is more about soaking up as much peace and relaxation as you can. Still located within easy reach of excellent dining and fun, Manantiales offers a more restful atmosphere and may appeal to those seeking restoration and lounging, not clubbing.

Punta del Este is a many faceted destination that provides all of the essential elements of an amazing beach vacation. Fine dining and shopping, a vibrant nightlife, and the relaxing elements of ocean views can all be found in this phenomenal locale.

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