Tuscany, Italy is well respected as one of the best places in the world for wine making, tasting, and vineyard tours. But outside of wine, Tuscany is also home to some of the finest Italian villages, landmarks, and attractions. So if you are looking for that next European adventure, but want more family-oriented activities, take your loved ones to Tuscany where you can enjoy all the world-class wine you desire, and the kids can tour some of the coolest and iconic landmarks in the world. With Time & Place, we will help coordinate the right places to visit, coupled with the luxury you have come to expect from our properties. Here is a quick list of attractions in Tuscany to explore with the family when the adults are not enjoying themselves at the tasting room.


It goes without saying, but any trip to Tuscany must also include a visit to its capital, Florence. Located in the heart of Tuscany, this Renaissance city is home to some of the most beautiful cathedrals, churches, and museums in the entire world. Simply stated, Florence is amazing. To be more specific, Florence offers classic Renaissance architecture infused with new world Italian culture. From the classic Il Duomo- Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, to the amazing Baptistery of John the Baptist, Christians and non-religious travelers can enjoy these beautiful Catholic landmarks. Along with the religious monuments that litter the city, Florence has an immense history of art and culture from the Renaissance to today. The Ponte Vecchio is the first bridge to cross the Arno River, built in 1345; the old bridge (Ponte Vecchio is the Italian translation) is now lined with shops and stores selling fine Italian gold and silver jewelry. This medieval bridge is the perfect metaphor for the literal bridge between Florence’s past and its present.


Located about an hour west of Florence, Pisa is another medieval gem of the Tuscan region. Pisa offers more than just a tower that appears as though it has enjoyed the wine in the region a bit too much. The area surrounding the cathedral and the Leaning Tower, known as the Piazza dei Miracoli, can easily consume an entire afternoon. Historically, Pisa was one of the four maritime republics of the Middle Ages; today you can still see the remnants of that civilization. Spend an afternoon taking pictures of your children “holding” up the Leaning Tower of Pisa and take in the astounding amount of history that populates the area. With Time & Place we will help coordinate travel and reservations so that you can spend more time enjoying the city and less time figuring out how to get there.

San Gimignano

Today we see a lot of different ways to demonstrate someone’s wealth, from super cars, to fancy yachts; humans are always trying to one-up their neighbors. But this isn’t a new trend for mankind, and that couldn’t be more apparent after taking one look at the Tuscan village of San Gimignano. Known as the City of Beautiful Towers, San Gimignano is a classic medieval walled village with a very unique skyline. Originally home to 72 towers, the former families of this walled village built these towers to demonstrate their wealth and power. Visible from the countryside, this medieval city is truly something to be seen. Never has mankind’s inherent need to one-up his/her neighbor looked so beautiful and historical!

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