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As the season changes and summers warmth tempers and its brilliant blooms fade, Autumn enters in a blaze of color and an air of family and festivity. We wanted to share some reasons why we love this time of year, so here are 5 of our favorite fall activities. 1. Shopping: Maybe its the act of trading sundresses for sweaters or the quickly approaching holidays, but shopping is high on our list for fall fun. Theres something about crunching fallen leaves in a new pair of boots or finding the perfect gift for a loved one that warms us from the inside out. Looking for the best destinations to help you knock out your holiday shopping or create your own wishlist? You cant beat New York City , Paris , and St Barts for one-of-a-kind shopping experiences! 2. Get Outside: The showy parade of summer flowers is one thing, but the deeper autumnal tones of burgundy, gold, and fiery orange are a brilliant display of Mother Nature at her finest. Walking among branches dripping with vivid hues and breathing in the crisp, cool air is a perfect way to welcome the new season. Traipsing through the gorgeous colors with hot cocoa in hand will definitely put you in the mood for fall. Our favorite places to be as the seasons change? Vail , Charlottesville , and New York City put on amazing displays of fall foliage! 3. Relax: While the fall and winter months usually mean catching up with friends and family and attending fabulous events and parties to celebrate the holidays, sometimes the idea of all that hustle and bustle can be overwhelming. We say, nip stress in the bud before things get crazy and treat yourself to a relaxing weekend full of spa treatments so youre ready to take on the holiday craze. As the events of the season begin, youll arrive fresh and glowing and feeling like your best self. Wondering where to leave your stress behind? Spas in St. Martin and Canouan are known for working their wonders from your head to your toes. 4. Dining: When fall arrives, its hard not to think about the holiday feasts that come along with. Hearty squash and tasty root vegetables come into season, pumpkin is available in endless offerings, and theres nothing quite like the aroma of a slow roasted meal. If comfort food belongs anywhere, its in this season of cool nights and crisp days. For top fall dining destinations, try Charlottesville for refined fare out of the ordinary — our farmhouse there is adjacent to the famed Clifton Inn. Or for fabulous food, you can always trust Hollywood Hills and Beverly Hills to impress. 5. Reconnect With Family: Celebrating the seasons bounty often allows us time to reflect on what we value most in our busy lives, and family is at the top of the list. Whether youre seeking an exotic destination to spend the holidays or a family retreat to help you reconnect with your loved ones, fall is the ideal time to put hectic schedules to rest and carve out time for the important act of just being together. A quick weekend getaway or a peaceful week-long trip, we find the effort of getting everyone together comes with sweet reward. For unforgettable family trips, we love Vail , Nantucket and Los Cabos

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