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India is a whirlwind of culture, history, and amazing landmarks that cannot be matched by any country or location on earth. The seventh largest country by land mass and the second most populated country in the world, India has more history and culture than any person could possibly enjoy in a lifetime. But now, we are introducing Time & Place Adventures, a service providing all our clients the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enjoy all India has to offer with the luxury and service you have come to expect from Time & Place.

We have partnered with the world’s finest travel providers to combine our amazing travel destinations with the ultimate in exotic locales to give our clients, and their family or friends, the Indian adventure to remember. With each adventure comes a customized itinerary fully capable of fulfilling the entire group’s aspirations. We cater from 1-week to 3-week adventures, so if you want to get away for a quick adventure, or to truly immerse in the culture of the region, Time & Place has you covered.

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Food and Tea Tour

Food and Tea Tour

Time & Place offers three unique adventures to best focus on what your group truly wants to experience in India. The first of the three trips is the Food and Tea Tours, ideal for friends, couples, or families; this foodie-inspired itinerary will get your taste buds working to the tune of world-class Indian chefs. The trip explores the cultural food areas of the region, with guided market tours and tastings led by English-speaking guides.

Of course, the adventure is dripping in luxury that only Time & Place can provide. Accommodations include New Delhi’s first luxury hotel, a restored royal palace, and an exquisite estate on a tea plantation. Transfers and overland trips are done in air-conditioned vehicles, and all internal flights are specified beforehand.

Luxury Tour Operators India

Monuments and Tigers Tour

Monuments and Tigers

India is riddled with history, from the Muslim rulers of the 16th century to the English occupation beginning in 1858. With Time & Place, the rich and glorious history of India is just a call away. The Monuments and Tigers Tour is the best way to travel around the country and see the cultural cornerstones and beauty that India has to offer. History-buffs and nature-freaks alike can both find something to enjoy on this particular adventure. With a customized itinerary to fit your interests, we will work hard to plan the ideal trip for you and your loved ones.

Time & Place clients can expect to stay in the most lavish of accommodations, the most cultural of which is a stay in a luxury tent camp. Destinations include New Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Udaipur and Kahna National Park, the latter of which includes a tiger safari. No Indian historical adventure can truly be complete without a trip to the Taj Mahal. That and many more monuments, mosques, temples, and palaces will make for a sublime experience.

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Royal Rajasthan Tour

The last of the Time & Place Adventures focuses on one of the most scenic and breathtaking regions in India: Rajasthan. The tour will provide the most picturesque and culturally thrilling experiences imaginable. Your customized itinerary will include luxury accommodations in the palaces of maharajas, both past and present, as well as a market tour and rickshaw ride through New Delhi. As well as the natural landmarks that liter the area, we provide a tour of the White Marble Temples at Ranakpur, and an exploration of Mehrangarh Fort. One of the most popular items on the itinerary is the elephant ride and boat tour of Lake Pichola. Elephants, coupled with cultural tours of Rajasthan, are sure to leave a smile on the face of all your group members.

If experiencing the cuisine and exploring your taste buds sounds like the best way to spend your Indian adventure, than look no further than the Food and Tea Tour. If the family is looking for more of a cultural adventure with historical landmarks and natural beauty, the Monuments and Tigers Tour is for you. The Royal Rajasthan Tour is perfect for couples, friends, or the whole family, with both amazing sites to see and even more amazing events to experience. India has never been more luxurious! Please contact Time & Place today to book your ultimate luxury adventure!



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