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As the weather turns colder and the sky becomes gray many of us are desperate to get away from it all. We dream about white sand beaches, drinks with little umbrellas and relaxing to the sounds of waves crashing on to the shore. It is these little dreams that inspire us to take a much-needed vacation.

While most people travel to Mexico or Hawaii to warm-up, there is a little known gem hidden in the Caribbean within the chain of the Grenadine Islands. The Grenadine locals are keen to welcome you as a guest and say goodbye as friends. Renown for its picturesque white sand beaches, coral reefs and sheltered bays, Canouan offers travelers a piece of paradise.

With 5 square miles of land, this tiny island boasts some of the friendliest locals and relaxing atmosphere in all of the Caribbean. Despite its reputation for calm and relaxation, there is much to do on this serene island.

Visitors are encouraged to take a hike ; literally, Canouan offers novice and skilled hikers a varied terrain. Discover some of the islands secluded coves and beaches off the beaten path. For colonial history buffs, the trail on the northern hillside of Charlestown leads to the top of Conical Hill where the ruins of a small gun battery lay.

Prefer to sail ? With a base in Canouan, yacht chartering businesses provide a way to see the Grenadines in style.

Take a dive through the intricate coral reefs, and witness the majesty of marine life gliding through the crystal clear waters. We guarantee you will never again see anything quite like it.

Adventure not your thing? No problem! Home to world class golf courses, spas and the Trump Club Privee (a European Style Casino), this quaint little island offers a rich cultural experience with resort style amenities, festivals and local flair. Its time to say, sayonara to the snow and hello to sunshine! Your Time & Place concierge will help make all your dreams come true during your next Caribbean luxury vacation.

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