The French have Hitler and Mussolini to thank for their beloved Cannes film festival.


Its 1939. The French minister wants a film festival like Venices. Hes given the opportunity when the Venetian jury votes – not for art – but for fascist propaganda. Louis Lumire heads to Cannes, picks a jury that screens just one film before Poland is invaded.

In a measure of poetic justice, apres guerre, the Festival de Cannes becomes the center of art film; good film. Everyone whos anyone comes. Sophia Loren, Kirk Douglas, Max Von Sydow and Ingmar Bergman.

Its huge and crowded, but also exclusive. Youre included by invitation only.

Last year at the jurists party there were familiar names like the Coens, Spielberg, Ang Lee. Nicole Kidman plays Grace of Monaco in this years Opening Film. And youll get your star turn at this years festival at your post-Festival party…in your luxury rental villa. Your Place is like something out of Architectural Digest; not some boxy hotel room full of sturdy, unlovely pieces. Your Place will be the buzz of the festival; a space big enough for dozens, curated by an artist who has exactly your taste. Your Place is in the center of everything, but private and secure. You know whos coming, whos going.

Your Time & Place Concierge has your guest list ready. By invitation only.

Your Concierge also secured a chef and mixologistand of course the in-the-know-knowledge of where all the hottest events are. After the Festival credits roll, your friends can converse over fish caught in the sea you can hear out your windows. Theyll butter rusks with rich tapenade, thick slices of pate and ripe French cheeses. Eat tiny local strawberries dipped in the lightest champagne. Sip icy martinis garnished with pomelo-rind for a twist. After dinner, go for a walk and look at the stars. By yourself if you want or in a crowd or if you want.

Its Your Place, Your Choice.

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