Eating and drinking is a big event for the people of Catalonia, in fact the city basically shuts down between the hours of 2-4 PM so that the people of Barcelona can sit and enjoy a meal in their beautiful city. Resulting from this love of cuisine, Barcelona has become synonymous with Gaudi architecture and high-quality restaurants. Because of its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona cuisine reflects the culture of the region, using fresh fish, vegetables and olive oil to create a delicious and unique style of cuisine.


Located in the heart of Barcelona, Taps offers a genuine Catalonian experience for all the foodies in the family. Serving tapas and other Mediterranean dishes, Taps is a hit for both tourists and natives alike. Spots fill up quickly, so have your Time & Place Concierge secure reservations so you don’t miss out on sipping wine on the Mediterranean enjoying the best food in Spain.

Bo De B

The Catalonians generally consider lunch the biggest and most important meal of the day. In fact, traditionally dinner is meant to be small and lunch is the largest meal. The most popular lunch location in the entire city is a little sandwich place known as Bo De B, a delightful little restaurant located 2 blocks from the harbor of Barcelona. With relatively fair pricing and a strong local fan base, Bo De B is known for its long lines, so get there early if you want to experience the best sandwich on the Mediterranean!

La Luna

From the unfinished cathedral, La Sagrada Familia to the Gaudi designed balconies of Casa Batllo, architecture is as important to the city of Barcelona as their food. Just meters away from the Port of Barcelona, La Luna is the perfect location to enjoy the amazing cuisines of the city, with an amazing atmosphere that showcases the creativity of Barcelona’s architects. Offering their customers an expansive selection of liquors, wine, and beers, La Luna is the place to be for authentic tapas and refreshing drinks.

Barcelona is the ultimate Mediterranean destination. With amazing weather coupled with a vibrant culture, this Spanish paradise is a must-visit for anyone looking for a relaxed and unique travel experience. To get started, contact Time & Place and ask about our properties in Barcelona.

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