‘Tis the season. No; not THAT season; awards season. Where honorees step up to collect accolades and adulation after years of shedding much blood and sweat perfecting their craft. And here at Time & Place, we’re happy to say that after years of curating our own niche of luxury vacation perfection, the awards are starting to roll in.

Travel + Leisure magazine, with its five million global subscribers and an impeccable reputation for quality and taste just named Time & Place among the Best Villa Rental Agencies in the world. That’s extremely elite company for a company that was the brainchild of one man – Mitch Willey – Time & Place’s President.

Before basically everyone else, Willey recognized the need for a luxury vacation experience that provided more than just a nice place to stay. He created Time & Place 12 years ago based on the idea that demanding travelers (Willey is among them) have expectations beyond valet and room service. Today’s sophisticated traveler is seeking a more immersive, unique luxury experience.

Willey’s vision was to provide individual homes worthy of an Architectural Digest magazine profile, accompanied by 5-star concierge service on par with the finest Parisian hotels. The end result of this unique intersection of exclusivity became Time & Place Luxury Vacation Homes.

In addition to having a large presence in traditional markets such as Paris and Barcelona , Time & Place has expanded to include luxury properties in almost every far flung corner of the world: from Phuket to Paros ; from Villefranche to The Grenadines . Every one of them has been vetted and hand-picked by Willey himself.

It’s always a nice surprise to receive the golden imprimatur from a publication like Travel + Leisure. Whats no surprise? This award likely won’t be Time & Place’s last.

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