Don’t let the size of Anguilla fool you… This tiny stretch of sand is the hidden gem of Caribbean dining. Anguilla is full of fabulous cuisine that ranges from beach shack fare to haute cuisine that will wow even the most cosmopolitan diner. Foodies (and their friends) will appreciate the variety of cooking influences that blends the finesse of the French with African and English influences that arrive at modern day offerings with an undeniable Caribbean flair.

Can’t Miss Ingredient: In a word, Lobster. Grilled, on pizza, blackened with spices, in spring rolls, in tacos, or drenched in fragrant lemon butter. You really can’t lose when indulging in this locally caught delicacy.

Most Innovative Approach: The CuisinArt Resort has solved the problem of getting fresh produce to grow on the hot and sandy island. Their hydroponic farm is the only one like it in the world and supplies the resort’s many restaurants with vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, herbs, and a multitude of greens.

Biggest Surprise: This is a tie between the succulent barbecue that’s available all over the island and the French bakeries that sell pastries so delicate and flaky, if not for the beach and glimmering sea, you’d think you’d died and gone to Paris . The barbecue joints are everywhere and lure you with the mouth-watering scent of roasting fish, ribs, and jerk chicken. These cooks take pride in their special and secret blends of spice rubs and grilling techniques to the benefit of all growling bellies in the vicinity.

Most Romantic: Da’Vida is one of the restaurants offered by the stunning CeBlue Villas and pairs impeccable service with a menu that features international influences. In any other destination, this would be enough to charm diners, but the beachside location and breathtaking views put it over the top.

Best Casual: Beach chairs, umbrellas, and live music accompany casual fare and friendly service as you soak in the sea view at Smokey’s at the Cove. This family-friendly joint serves up the fun with sandwiches and potent rum punch for a fun and laid back afternoon.

The best part of dining in Anguilla is that these delectable dishes are usually paired with the most important aspect of island dining: A spectacular sea view. Bon Appetit!


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