If you’ve admired the view from the top of the Eiffel Tower and checked in on Mona Lisa at the Louvre, sailed the Seine on a Bateau Mouche and had a croissant and cafe au lait at iconic Les Deux Magots, we congratulate you on checking these essential Parisian experiences off your list. If you’re looking for something a little different for your next trip to the City of Light, we present 5 places in Paris you (probably) haven’t seen.

Shakespeare and Company Bookstore: The original Shakespeare and Company was opened by Sylvia Beach in 1919 and was a hub for American literati like Hemingway, Joyce, Fitzgerald, and Stein. After closing during World War II and never reopening, George Whitman filled the city’s need for an expat artist headquarters and opened Le Mistral, later renaming it Shakespeare and Company in honor of Beach. Authors of the day flocked to its well-stocked shelves and carried on the literary legacy left by earlier generations. The store is still going strong and is filled with an aura of romantic history. Located in the 6th arrondissement, we recommend this luxe apartment to fulfill your “writer in Paris” fantasy.

Secret Passages of Paris: These beautiful covered passages were the original shopping malls. Built by the rising middle class in the 18th and 19th centuries, they were ornately decorated and lined with shops. Today, former shoemaker and tailor shops have been replaced by high-end boutiques and fine dining establishments. We adore the Galerie Vivienne with its gorgeous and intricate mosaic tile floor and glass ceiling, not to mention the charming bookstore, whimsical toy shop, bistros and designer clothing outposts. There’s simply no better way to spend a rainy day in Paris than in one of the covered passages. This beautiful apartment is located nearby and puts you in the heart of the wonderful shopping found in the 2nd arrondissement.

Marche Aux Puces: Of course no trip to Paris is complete without wandering through the famed street markets and picking up fresh produce, cheeses, breads, or perhaps a trinket or 2 to take home. The Marche aux Puces takes the street market experience to a new level with an impressive swath of stalls schilling vintage clothing, antiques, and more. This very well may be the original flea market as it dates back over 150 years. The market is becoming a trendy hotspot and not only will you find priceless antiques, at least 1 top chef has opened a restaurant to cater to those with exquisite taste.

Ile Saint-Louis: Of course this gem of the 4th arrondissement is on your radar as it is nestled next to the bigger Ile de Cite which is home to the Notre Dame Cathedral. Most visitors visit the larger island, but the Ile Saint-Louis offers its own charms and can feel like an oasis in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Paris. Stroll along quaint cobbled streets and admire the beauty of the island’s spectacular architecture and layout that was designed to make the most of the river views. One thing that draws tourists to the island is the legendary Berthillon ice cream that creates flavors that range from the decadent (salted caramel, blood orange chocolate, wild strawberry sorbet) to the slightly odd (foie gras). Imagine the delight of waking up to Notre Dame views and the advantageous location of this stunning vacation rental apartment located on the Ile Saint-Louis.

Paris by Moonlight: Many travelers arrive in Paris with notions of romance and enchantment. While we can’t say exactly why Paris is so inspiring for lovers, we know that the city is full of splendor and allure, especially under the moonlight. While the long lines at the Louvre and the crowds at other landmarks can seem unappealing by day, at night their glamour is restored. Iconic places like the Eiffel Tower, the Sacre Coeur, and the Louvre are lit up at night and make the perfect backdrop for a romantic evening. For a glittering panorama of city lights, we recommend the Montparnasse Tower. The over-sized building isn’t anything special to look at on its own, but the central location and height provide breathtaking 360* views, especially at night when the City of Light truly glows. To end your fairy-tale evening, there’s nothing better than returning to your own cozy apartment. One of these elegant and bewitching vacation rentals will ensure the romantic Parisian getaway of your dreams.

Which of these hidden gems will you visit on your next trip to Paris? Inquire about availability and rates with Time & Place to reserve your own slice of magical Paris.

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