The internet offers no shortage of travel inspiration.  Whether you are planning your next trip or are simply looking to virtually tag along on someone else’s adventure, here are 10 travel blogs you must follow if you love to go on vacation. Offering a wealth of information from destination guides to travel tips, reviews and lust-worthy photos, these 10 bloggers guarantee to take you on a great escape and inspire you to turn your travel dreams into a reality.

Road Trip Blogger

Road Trip Blogger gives the term, “road trip” a whole new meaning. Michelle Bucher’s on-the-ground reconnaissance helps give her readers expert observations about hotels, adventure activities, food havens, what mistakes not to make, and more for the perfect travel itinerary. What first started as North American- based trips, Road Trip Blogger has expanded across the globe to include international destinations like Thailand. It’s amazing what you will discover if you simply pack up your car and embrace the open highway. Follow along with Michelle as she conquers an ambitious travel bucket list.

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Travellous World

A self-described Londonphile, Maaike is an expert on all things English, from the Thames to teatime. Taking advantage of her Netherlands locale, you can imagine the types of nearby European destinations she gets to explore to fuel her travel bug. Lately, she’s been to Rome and Barcelona and we’re green with envy to see where she lands next. From walking guides to local hot spots, all highlighted by sensational photos, there is no shortage of worthwhile travel inspiration on Travellous World.

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Jr. Magellan

Lizzie Livingston co-founded Jr. Magellan with the intention of creating a community which encourages discovery through family travel.  An expat mom living in Hong Kong, Lizzie shares a wide-range of family-related travel articles that will help you organize your adventurous family on the go. Jr. Magellan lets readers catch a glimpse into a fascinating world of expat living in Hong Kong in addition to exploring new destinations. Lizzie has created a meaningful space where we are reminded why multi-generational travel is so important for raising future explorers, and you won’t want to miss out.

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This blog is a combination of travel and happiness, personified. Anyone who’s jumped head first into a new trip and conquered that exciting, but overwhelming, feeling of being out of one’s comfort zone can relate whole-heartedly to Kia Hampel. From Thailand to New York to Croatia and Barcelona, we seriously can’t keep up with this jetsetter’s schedule. Having lived and worked in most of the destinations she writes about, Kia gives spot-on expert travel advice, as well as lifestyle and career tips thrown in. You’ll no doubt discover something new to help create your own definition of “traviness”.

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The world-renowned resource for all things indulgent, Olielo is the only website to provide unbiased luxury travel reviews in both English and French. From destinations to accommodations, restaurants and spas, you can find everything you need to help you plan the perfect luxury vacation. For a fantastic virtual escape, or to keep up on the latest news in luxury travel, Olielo needs to be the next travel blog you bookmark.

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The Lazy Travelers

If your idea of the perfect vacation consists of a glass of wine in hand and a well-curated cheese plate to compliment a perfect view, Ashley and Carolyn are your girls. Always seeking out their own adventures, the lazy travelers are experts in their own right on how to live like a local and experience a new place beyond the typical tourist sites. When you tail along with these ladies you get to experience first-hand the best bites, markets, and friendliest locals along the way. The Lazy Travelers blog provides the space to connect with other savvy, well-traveled women when you need a big dose of girl time.

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The Travel Diet

If you love luxury travel and have a passion for wellness, this blog is for you. You should be able to enjoy the food and lifestyle of a new place, and not come home with a 10 lb. souvenir. Dena Roche is the expert on what she calls, “The Travel Diet” and her website is a wealth of information on living the good life without sacrificing the well life. For updates on new healthy strides in luxury travel, healthy travel tips and so much more, we can’t imagine our travel arsenal without the wisdom of the Travel Diet.

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The Travel Bunny

You’ll love Suzanne’s blog for her relatable, accessible, and helpful approach to all things travel. UK-based with a full-time job, The Travel Bunny still manages to create epic adventures with friends and family, near and far. Suzanne’s blog is a reminder that a passion for travel, often goes hand in hand with a passion for food. You’ll most likely feel hungry while you pour over her latest blog post and want to go pack your own bags. Luckily, Suzanne shares a plethora of helpful tips and itinerary inspiration to help you make your next trip an unforgettable one.

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A Passport Affair

Travel writer, Megan Belt’s mission is to help you have unique travel experiences resulting in memories that will trump any gift shop souvenir. Megan is an expert on finding local treasures and under-the radar hot spots, reminding us that there’s always something new to discover. Her blog posts are delicious accounts of all things travel, ranging from destination guides to hotel, restaurant, and tour reviews. We promise after browsing A Passport Affair that you will be itching to pack your suitcase and start planning your next great escape.

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Luxe Travel Family

Self-described as comprising of, “authentic and inspired family travel,” Luxe Travel Family has been one of our long-time favorite resources for families who want to travel in style. Nancy and her loved ones go on the most amazing adventures. By opening her family up to new cultures, Luxe Travel Family highlights the important role travel plays in teaching children what it means to be a global citizen. In addition to the plethora of brilliant travel trips, Nancy’s gorgeous photos will leave you with a serious case of luxury travel envy.

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For more vacation ideas and travel inspiration, head over to Time & Place to start planning your next unforgettable trip.

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